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Design Studio
Millwork Shop 

Design Studio

One of the many things that set’s The RAM Group apart is our 1000 sq. ft. Design Studio, where clients can experience first-hand the design process from storyboard concepting to 3D renderings, we help you visualize the end result every step of the way.  As an added-value service and convenience, the Design Studio is sited above our custom Millwork Shop, where we design and fabricate virtually all the cabinetry, moldings, kitchen, and exterior architectural components that go into our homes. Here, clients are free to choose the built-ins as well as paint finishes to ensure their ultimate satisfaction.



The Millwork Shop is an in-house carpentry and woodworking center that allows The RAM Group to keep the most detailed elements of construction under our control and, subsequently, at the disposal of our clients. If they so choose, the homeowners can watch for themselves how some of the most intricately crafted parts of their homes are being built. They can walk right down  from the Design Studio to experience for themselves how their dreams are coming together.

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In-House Design for every phase of construction & contracting.
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