Our process puts you at the center.

Successful projects are launched that way. Years of experience in this complex industry led us to develop and refine a robust and well-established process. It saves our clients money, time, and peace of mind.  This process is the same whether your project is a custom home, renovation or an addition.  Below is an in depth overview of our 16-step design & build process.


Because of the detail that we put into the design and planning stages, the build process is as stress-free as possible. We use talented in house designers, our construction team, engineers and subcontractors that work together to deliver the best outcome for you – with no hidden surprises.


Communication is vital throughout the building process. We use cloud-based construction project management software to chart your build progress. You can follow the progress of your build with a unique log-in via a web portal.  We’ll also update the portal with photos of the construction as it happens, so you don’t miss seeing pivotal milestones.  Additionally, we set up regular site meetings with you and the project team to keep you involved in the process.  We believe our transparent Client-Centric communication makes building a custom-home exciting.


Real Estate & Consultation

Your journey with us can begin before you've purchased your property.  We work hand in hand with the real estate community , guiding you to find the right property to build your home.  We will do the due diligence, inspect existing conditions, give you an unbiased honest opinion, and support you to maximize your property's future value.


To help turn your dream home into a reality, we need to understand your requirements fully. This is where you do most of the talking, and we do the listening! Tell us about your must-haves, your lifestyle, the kind of design styles you prefer. Share Pinterest boards of everything you like, down to the kitchen handles. It will all help us know you better.

We also need a clear indication of what you want to spend, so that we can start designing the home that fits your needs and your budget. 

From here, we will provide an overview of the process and outline the timeframes needed from consultation through to turning the key on your new home. We will also cover off things like costs and payment schedule.

Architect at Work


Design & Concept

We work with our team of experts in-house to create the concept drawings for your home.  With over 30 years of expertise we take into consideration zoning & building requirements.

Once you are 100% satisfied with the concept, we begin the detailed drawings. We use these for specifying materials and build costs, as well as preparing building permit applications.

Our attention to detail in this phase of the process is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves on delivering to an exacting standard. We include detail not traditionally covered in build plans.  This transparency ensures everyone involved in the build process is fully informed.

This makes our budget and construction delivery times much more accurate and ultimately saves time and money in the long run.


Budget, Schedule, Permits, Contracts

Once the design has been approved next you will receive a comprehensive contract outlining:

  • Our responsibilities to you

  • Payment schedule

  • Process to deal with changes

  • A complete budget & timeline 



Site Preparation & Foundation


Wood Frame of House


Frame Construction


Plumbing,  Electrical & HVAC


Roof, Windows, Siding & Insulation

Once the design has been approved next you will receive a comprehensive contract outlining:

  • Our responsibilities to you

  • Payment schedule

  • Process to deal with changes

  • A complete budget & timeline 



Millwork & Interior Trim

island and panels.jpg


Kitchen & Bathroom

Paint Roller


Painting & Wallpaper


Interior Design

Step 11 starts during Step 1.  From the beginning our designer is taking notes of what you like, exploring your Pinterest boards or saved inspiration photos to curate a custom  storyboard.  Updates are made along the way to align your vision with the final result.  During Step 11 you will see all these selections installed to complete your vision.

  • Support with all Design Selections

    • Lighting

    • Paint/Wallpaper

    • Furniture Layout

Mood Board.png


Masonry & Fence

Architect on Building Site


Final Inspection

Paint Roller


Certificate of Occupancy



Taking the Key


Continued Care

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Let's create your dream home.